The Start

Winter Reflections – 1/1/2022

2022 has begun. The last two years have been crap. A pandemic has swept the entire world and divided our country more than ever. Politics have divided the country even further and big brother seems to always be using us as their guinea pig to test the next way they can make a buck off of us. Which is why this site has begun and my overall purpose of it.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever the next social media trend will be ultimately is not looking out for us and our best interests. Their goal is to figure out how to monetize our information for their own personal greed. Ads, marketing research, politics and ultimately taking away our personal freedom of privacy is gone.

I’m not saying go and delete all your accounts. I still use them for my own personal gain as well with my business but I am very selective on what information is shared on there. This site will act as my personal record of things that interest me. Things that I think about and can share with the world in hopes that maybe one person out there can find some value in my thoughts and allow it to help guide them on their journey through the world.

So, if you feel inclined, I encourage you to bookmark this site, come back often and lets make some magic together. I will try and not go too off the rails.

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